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Destruction of natural resources signals looming environmental disaster in Tamil Nadu.
Stake holders often present their own interests, and divert attention from public discourse.
Political posturing and stand offs with governing bodies delay resolutions, leaving us with turf wars and confrontation.

TNERA will place people in the centre.

We will ensure that rigorous research is the basis for citizen initiated environmental efforts.

We will create collaborative and proactive advocacy to resolve challenges.


TNERA report on Implementation of FRA in Tamil Nadu

An in-depth analysis of the implementation of the FRA (Forest Rights Act) in Tamil Nadu. Under the mechanism, over 25,000 applications were filed by indigenous persons, and 60% are yet to pass initial processing. No claims to land have been settled in Tamil Nadu as of March 2018. For more information on FRA and implementation across India, visit the Forest Rights Act website. [email-download-link namefield=”YES” id=”1″]


Workshop on Forest Rights Act in Chennai

Over 80 tribal leaders and NGOs gathered in Chennai in June 2017 to discuss and understand the importance of the Forest Rights Act and its provisions. The workshop was organised by Keystone Foundation, CIOSA, VRDP, TPFLR and Samanvaya.

TN ERA Launch at Madras Literary Society

TN ERA was launched on the 5th of December, 2017 at the Madras Literary Society. The gathering was attended by: Meenakshi of Puvidham, Dharmapuri, Pravin and Sneha of Keystone Foundation, Indigenous Cattle Conservation Activist, Himakiran, Parthasarathy from Safe Food Alliance, Prasanna, and Ram from Samanvaya.

Our Advisors

Suresh V

Suresh is a lawyer at the Madras High Court, National General Secretary, PUCL, and former SC appointed Advisor for TN on Food Security.

Rama Subramanian

Ramasubramanian, heads Samanvaya, a social consulting firm with 2 decades experience, primarily with grassroot efforts in tamilnadu. He has a long record of creatively and protectively engaging with the government agencies for sustainable solutions.

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